Hafeez Ur Rahman Syed

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the impact on sexual behaviour and sexually transmitted infections (STI) of a comprehensive community-led intervention programme for reducing sexual risk among female sex workers (FSW) in Mysore, India. The key programme components were: community mobilization and peer-mediated outreach; increasing access to and utilization of(More)
Current prostate biopsy procedures entail sampling tissues at template-based locations that are not patient specific. Ultrasound (US)-coupled transrectal electrical impedance tomography (TREIT), featuring an endorectal US probe retrofitted with electrodes, has been developed for prostate imaging. This multi-modal imaging system aims to identify suspicious(More)
Applying a rigorous process to optimize the elements of a supply-chain network resulted in reduction of the waiting time for a service provider and customer. Different sources of downtime of hydraulic pressure controller/calibrator (HPC) were causing interruptions in the operations. The process examined all the issues to drive greater efficiencies. The(More)
Reservoirs with high pressures and temperatures (HPHT) that were considered to be atypical in the past are now frequent targets for exploration. For downhole oilfield drilling tools and components, the temperature and pressure affect the mechanical strength. To address this issue, a finite element analysis (FEA) for 206.84 MPa (30 ksi) pressure and 165°C(More)
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