Haerim Jang

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Ku70, a DNA repair protein, was recently identified as a critical anti-apoptotic protein that inhibits Bax translocation to mitochondria. The dissociation of Bax from Ku70 is essential for the apoptotic activity of Bax. Here, we show that maspin, a tumor suppressor protein frequently lost in cancer, regulates this process. Maspin increased cell death in a(More)
A previous study revealed that IbEF1 from sweet potato promoted early flowering in transgenic tobacco and acted as a novel regulator involved in flowering time control. Two putative ortholog genes were found in N. tabacum: NtEF1 and NtEF2. Subcellular localization of NtEF1 and NtEF2 with an in vivo targeting approach revealed that NtEF1 and NtEF2 were(More)
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