Haejung Lee

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BACKGROUND Despite the high prevalence and cost of neck-pain problems, there is currently little data available on the physical characteristics associated with different levels of neck pain. OBJECTIVE To investigate associations between categories of response to neck pain/discomfort and (1) the endurance time of neck muscles, neck range of motion (ROM),(More)
Objective. Body trunk measurement for human plays an important diagnostic role not only in conventional medicine but also in Sasang constitutional medicine (SCM). The Sasang constitutional body trunk measurement (SCBTM) consists of the 5-widths and the 8-circumferences which are standard locations currently employed in the SCM society. This study suggests(More)
19 subjects (10 men, 9 women) ages 19 to 30 years (M = 23.2, SD = 3.3) volunteered to participate in a study to investigate the just-noticeable-difference in movement extent for neck retraction and neck rotation. Testing was carried out with stopped movements, conducted according to the method of constant stimuli, and repeated both with and without vision(More)
[Purpose] To explore data on functioning in the medical records of patients with stroke by linking them to the ICF. [Subjects and Methods] The admission and discharge summaries of patients' electronic medical records (EMRs) were investigated. Information on functioning included in the summaries were mapped into the ICF. Each of the linked categories of ICF(More)
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