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STUDY DESIGN Cohort study. OBJECTIVES To develop and establish the psychometric properties of Korean versions of 4 neck pain and disability questionnaires: the Neck Disability Index, Neck Pain and Disability Scale, Functional Rating Index, and Short Form McGill Pain Questionnaire (SFMPQ). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA To our knowledge, there are no(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to develop and evaluate a questionnaire for Cold and Heat pathologic pattern identification in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This questionnaire was intended to classify subjects into Cold or Heat pattern groups, a distinction that is useful in clinical trials of both herbal and acupuncture treatments.(More)
PURPOSE Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is predicted to be the third most common cause of death worldwide by 2020, often suffer from depression, one of the most common and modifiable comorbidities of COPD. This study assessed the prevalence of depression in patients with COPD and the association of depression with disease(More)
BACKGROUND Although burnout among nurses has been studied in a great deal, this work has not included Korean nurses. Furthermore, the role of personal resources such as empathy and empowerment in predicting the variance in burnout has never been examined. AIM The purpose of this study was to understand the phenomenon of burnout among Korean nurses. A(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the high prevalence and cost of neck-pain problems, there is currently little data available on the physical characteristics associated with different levels of neck pain. OBJECTIVE To investigate associations between categories of response to neck pain/discomfort and (1) the endurance time of neck muscles, neck range of motion (ROM),(More)
The relationship between empathy and caregiving appraisal and outcomes was examined among 140 informal caregivers of older adults. Caregivers with high cognitive empathy appraised the caregiving situation as less stressful and less threatening, were less depressed, and reported higher life satisfaction than did caregivers with low cognitive empathy. The(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to examine the degrees of cellular phone usage among middle school students and to identify discriminating factors of addictive use of cellular phones among sociodemographic and psychological variables. METHODS From 123 middle schools in Busan, potential participants were identified through stratified random sampling(More)
Objective. Body trunk measurement for human plays an important diagnostic role not only in conventional medicine but also in Sasang constitutional medicine (SCM). The Sasang constitutional body trunk measurement (SCBTM) consists of the 5-widths and the 8-circumferences which are standard locations currently employed in the SCM society. This study suggests(More)
STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional study. OBJECTIVE To investigate associations between subclinical neck pain/discomfort, and range of motion and physical dimensions of the cervicothoracic spine. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Despite the high prevalence of neck problems, few studies are available indicating any physical associations with the development of neck(More)
There are accumulating evidences suggesting that connexin (Cx), a gap junction channel-forming protein, acts as a growth suppressor in various cancer cells, and this effect is attributed to the gap junction-mediated intercellular communication (GJIC). In order to characterize the relationship between the growth-arresting activity of Cx26 and its cytoplasmic(More)