Haejoon Kim

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We present a novel method for generating texture maps for 3D geometric models reconstructed using consumer RGB-D sensors. Our method generates a texture map for a simplified 3D mesh of the reconstructed scene using spatially and temporally sub-sampled key frames of the input RGB stream. We acquire an accurate texture map by optimizing the texture(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the role of individual and community level factors on diabetes screening test behavior. METHODS We used individual-level data from 170,193 adults aged 30 years or older who were not diagnosed with diabetes and participated in the 2009 community health survey. Community-level data includes 253 communities and were collected from(More)
This paper presents an image-based rendering (IBR) system based on RGB-D images. The input of our system consists of RGB-D images captured at sparse locations in the scene and can be expanded by adding new RGB-D images. The sparsity of RGB-D images increases the usability of our system as the user need not capture a RGB-D image stream in a single shot,(More)
Nowadays RGB-D cameras, such as Microsoft Kinect, have become widely available. Various researches on 3D reconstruction based on RGB-D images have enabled 3D navigation of a scene by rendering the reconstructed 3D model from desirable viewpoints. However, these reconstructed 3D models are not yet popularly used in applications due to the lack of accurate(More)
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