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We present a novel method for generating texture maps for 3D geometric models reconstructed using consumer RGB-D sensors. Our method generates a texture map for a simplified 3D mesh of the reconstructed scene using spatially and temporally sub-sampled key frames of the input RGB stream. We acquire an accurate texture map by optimizing the texture(More)
This paper presents an image-based rendering (IBR) system based on RGB-D images. The input of our system consists of RGB-D images captured at sparse locations in the scene and can be expanded by adding new RGB-D images. The sparsity of RGB-D images increases the usability of our system as the user need not capture a RGB-D image stream in a single shot,(More)
Nowadays RGB-D cameras, such as Microsoft Kinect, have become widely available. Various researches on 3D reconstruction based on RGB-D images have enabled 3D navigation of a scene by rendering the reconstructed 3D model from desirable viewpoints. However, these reconstructed 3D models are not yet popularly used in applications due to the lack of accurate(More)
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