Hae-Young Bae

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This paper has proposed a new method of efficient spatial data transmission in the client-side Web-Based GIS (Geographic Information System) which handles large-size spatial geographic information on the Internet. The basic idea is that, firstly, a largesize map is divided into several parts, where each part is called a “Tile”, according to(More)
Ideally, moving object databases should handle the past, current and future positions of moving objects efficiently. However, existing indexes such as SEB-Tree, SETI-Tree, 2+3R-Tree, 2-3RT-Tree and etc. can only provide the capability for past and current query, and the others such as TPR-Tree, and TPR*-Tree can only provide the capability for current and(More)
Since the context plays a significant role in ubiquitous computing environment, many researches have studied about context-awareness system to improve the performance. An efficient learning mechanism is in importance of context-aware system, but there are seldom algorithms focused on convenience of systems by elaborating the learning mechanism with user's(More)