Hae Yeong Ryu

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Anthropogenic climate change is predicted to be a major cause of species extinctions in the next 100 years. But what will actually cause these extinctions? For example, will it be limited physiological tolerance to high temperatures, changing biotic interactions or other factors? Here, we systematically review the proximate causes of climate-change related(More)
Modification of the spontaneous-emission lifetime in photonic crystal single-defect resonant modes is studied with the finite-difference time domain method. We investigate spontaneous-emission enhancement from the monopole and the dipole modes of a hexagonal lattice cavity, considering the effects of the finite emitter linewidth and spectral detuning. Large(More)
The design, fabrication, and measurement of photonic-band-gap (PBG) waveguides, resonators and their coupled elements in two-dimensional photonic crystal (PhC) slabs have been investigated. We have studied various loss mechanisms in PBG waveguides and have achieved a very low propagation loss (~1 dB/mm). For these waveguides, we have observed a large group(More)
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