Hae-Min Moon

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Biometrics verification can be efficiently used for intrusion detection and intruder identification in video surveillance systems. Biometrics techniques can be largely divided into traditional and the so-called soft biometrics. Whereas traditional biometrics deals with physical characteristics such as face features, eye iris, and fingerprints, soft(More)
Digital medical images assist specialists in improving their diagnostic efficiency and in treating diseases. For example, the chest Computed Tomography (CT) images help in diagnosing the lung disease. The chest CT scan generates multiple images of a patient’s lung. The size of the medical imaging data has increased with the usage of medical images. In a(More)
Biometrics has been used to verify intrusion and identification of intruder in video surveillance system. Biometrics was divided into traditional biometrics and soft biometrics. Traditional biometrics is a method using information on face, iris, and fingerprint. Soft biometrics is a method using information on gender, ethnicity, and height. Recently, many(More)