Hae-Kang Jung

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A serpentine guard trace is proposed to reduce the peak far-end crosstalk voltage and the crosstalk induced timing jitter of parallel microstrip lines on printed circuit boards. The vertical sections of the serpentine guard increase the mutual capacitance without much changing the mutual inductance between the aggressor and victim lines. This reduces the(More)
A low-energy single-ended duobinary transceiver is proposed for the point-to-point DRAM interface with an energy efficiency of 0.56 pJ/bit at 7 Gb/s. The transmitter power is reduced by decreasing the signal swing of transmission channel to 80 mV and replacing the multiplexer and the binary output driver in the transmitter by a duobinary output driver. A(More)
A single-ended transmitter eliminates the crosstalk-induced jitter at receiver by controlling the slew rates of the signal at transmitter for the even and odd modes of two parallel coupled microstrip lines. The transmitter chip in a 0.18 µm CMOS process reduces the total RX jitter by about 38 ps (53%) for the data rates from 2.6 to 5 Gbps, and(More)
The demands on higher bandwidth with reduced power consumption in mobile market are driving mobile DRAM to have advanced design techniques. Proposed LPDDR4 in this paper achieves over 30% improved power efficiency and over 4.3Gbps data rate with 1.1V supply voltage. These are challenging target comparing with that of LPDDR3. This works includes various(More)
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