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To catch up with the recent expansions of wireless platforms, the performance of quality management systems for wireless communication network services needs to be continuously improved; therefore, studies should be conducted on comprehensive quality indicators through the quality analyses that can represent the users’ quality of experience (QoE) of(More)
The objective of this study is to realize the big data service quality maps of mobile communication companies, so that the users can objectively compare communication service qualities and make a reasonable choice. A measurement software was installed on smart phones for the purpose of measuring the service qualities of experience by the users. Furthermore,(More)
In this paper, based on core technologies such as overcoming a place’s limitations, light that can substitute for the sunlight, automation, nutrient supply system and temperature, and intelligent situation recognition for solar power generation, geothermal HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), a plant growth analysis system for vegetation(More)
The barcode system currently used in the market has a weakness in that identification is only made when the barcode is visible. Unlike the barcode system, the RFID system uses radio frequency technology, allowing more accurate and faster identification of objects than the barcode system. RFID is a method to identify object data using radio frequency(More)
In this paper, a Mobile Continuous Query Processing System (MCQPS) is designed to solve problems related to database hoarding, maintenance of shared data consistency, and optimization of logging. These problems are caused by weak connectivity and disconnection of wireless networks inherent in mobile database systems under mobile client-server environments.(More)
This paper finally aims to make the public confident, fair and objective Taekwondo evaluation environment through development of publically certified remote Taekwondo Dan(Poom) promotion evaluation platform and, further vitalize Taekwondo and arrange the base for popularization and distribution of remote Taekwondo Poomsae promotion evaluation system. For(More)
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