Hadzuki Nino

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Uranium-lead geochronology in detrital zircons and provenance analyses in eight boreholes and two surface stratigraphic sections in the northern Andes provide insight into the time of closure of the Central American Seaway. The timing of this closure has been correlated with Plio-Pleistocene global oceanographic, atmospheric, and biotic events. We found(More)
We evaluated the body energy accumulation as fat and protein from ingestion of difructose anhydride III (DFAIII). Male Wistar rats were fed 0, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, or 1.5 g per d of sucrose or DFAIII added to a 7 g of basal diet for 20 d. Supplements of DFAIII did not increase whole body or peripheral fat or total body energy, whereas sucrose increased them in a(More)
It has been reported that large numbers of elderly Americans are moderately anemic because of iron deficiency anemia. In the present study, information has been obtained concerning blood composition, health, and nutritional habits of 779 people over 60 years of age, institutionalized or free-living in the Boston area. This paper presents the results of(More)
Analyses for trace elements in biological fluids are uniquely susceptible to extreme errors unless special precautions are taken during collection, storage, and analysis. The integrity of the specimen may be compromised before it is analyzed, by contamination during collection and processing or by attenuation of the analyte concentration during storage. (More)
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