Hadzli Hashim

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Recently, BYOD or Bring Your own Device has become one of the most popular models for enterprises to provide mobility and flexibility in workplaces. The emergence of new technologies and features of mobile devices makes them integral parts of every aspect of daily business activities. Also, mobile networks are now well integrated with the Internet (e.g. 3G,(More)
“Internet of Things” (IOT) has become the everyday buzz words in recent years. As part and parcel of the Smart environment where human beings and things interact intelligently, trust and mobility becomes the basic prerequisites. However, to unify trust and mobility, a security protocol must be used for information exchanges among human and(More)
This paper describes research work in developing an intelligent model for classifying selected rubber tree series clones based on shape features using image processing techniques. Sample of rubber tree seeds are captured using digital camera where the RGB color image are processed involving segmentation algorithm which includes thresholding and(More)
Real Time Operating System (RTOS) had emerged in the market for the past few decades to provide solutions over various platforms that range from embedded devices to more sophisticated electronic system such nuclear plant and spacecraft. The evolution of the design of operating systems continues to endure the need of diverse applications that run on various(More)
This paper mainly discussed the process to classify Anthracnose and Downey Mildew, watermelon leaf diseases using neural network analysis. A few of infected leaf samples were collected and they were captured using a digital camera with specific calibration procedure under controlled environment. The classification on the watermelon's leaf diseases is based(More)
In recent years, bots and botnets have become one of the most dangerous infrastructure to carry out nearly every type of cyber-attack. Their dynamic and flexible nature along with sophisticated mechanisms makes them difficult to detect. One of the latest generations of botnet, called HTTP-based, uses the standard HTTP protocol to impersonate normal web(More)
  • Rohaida Husin, Syed Abdul Mutalib, +5 authors Mohd Faisal Saari
  • 2014
This paper proposes energy efficient of automatic street lighting system based on low cost microcontroller. The main objective is to design energy efficient based controller for controlling the Light Emitting Diode (LED) based street lamp via appropriate lighting levels control. This system is consists of a microcontroller, light sensor, rain sensor, laser(More)
Recently, the HTTP based Botnet threat has become a serious challenge for security experts as Bots can be distributed quickly and stealthily. With the HTTP protocol, Bots hide their communication flows within the normal HTTP flows making them more stealthy and difficult to detect. Furthermore, since the HTTP service is being widely used by the Internet(More)
In this paper, the classification of five types of rubber leaf disease by using the spectrometer and SPSS are presented. There are five of leaf disease that have been used as samples which are Oidium secondary leaf fall, Fusicoccum Leaf Blight, Bird eye’s spot and Anthracnose. The reflectance of the infected leaves sample is measured by using MCS600(More)
This paper presents the design and development of high performance accelerating and optimization technique for accelerate the process of DNA sequences alignment. The scope of the paper focuses on memory and speed optimization by optimizing and mapping the DNA sequences data before alignment. This optimization technique is designed based on novel data(More)