Hadrien A. Clarke

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One mechanism by which viral tropism may be controlled is by the expression of a specific virus receptor on the cell surface. This paper reports the identification of a putative cellular receptor for visna virus, the prototype virus of the family Lentiviridae. Using a virus overlay protein blot assay we identified a group of polypeptides of apparent Mr 30K(More)
We introduce MAD7, a tool that rapidly simulates many-core memory architectures at a functional level. MAD7 focuses on tracking access patterns and data spatial localities rather than enforcing any precise on-chip arbitration protocols. Although not cycle accurate by nature, it provides useful insights when comparing different memory architectures under(More)
This paper introduces PASTIS, a novel photonic arbitration protocol based on a scalable token injection scheme, and ring-based nanophotonic technology. It aims at connecting together processors and memories in many-core computer systems by means of a ring topology. The main strength of PASTIS lays in the fact that it uses photonic components exclusively,(More)
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