Hadj Ali

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Tensegrity structures are composed of cables and struts in a pre-stressed self-equilibrium. Although tensegrity first appeared in the 1950s, it is seldom used in civil engineering. This paper focuses on the design aspects of a deployable tensegrity-hollow-rope footbridge. Deployment is usually not a critical design case for traditional deployable(More)
Localization systems are most often based on time delay estimation (TDE) techniques. TDE techniques based on channel impulse response (CIR) are effective in reverberant environment such as indoors. A recently developed algorithm called Orthogonal Clustering (OC) algorithm is one such algorithm that estimates the CIR utilizing a sparse signal reconstruction(More)
The aim of this paper is to explore the clustering capabilities of our visual genome explorer software. Genome3DExplorer is a new modeling and software solution to explore textual and factual genomic data. It offers a powerful and user-centered visu-alization of this information within an immersive environment. The visualization is based on a graphical(More)
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