Hadj Ahmed Abbassi

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This paper presents a solution for the problem of learning and controlling a 2R-plan robot manipulator in the presence of fixed obstacle. The objective is to move the arm from an initial position (source) to a final position (target) without collision. Potential field methods are rapidly gaining popularity in obstacle avoidance applications for mobile(More)
This paper deals with an efficient image segmentation algorithm for video images which is quite useful for video based traffic surveillance applications. It includes video segmentations, morphological operations and labeling. In the field of surveillance system, effective video object segmentation is a conveyance for video analysis and processing. It(More)
The Algerian government relies on a strategy focused on the development of inexhaustible resources such as solar and uses to diversify energy sources and prepare the Algeria of tomorrow: about 40% of the production of electricity for domestic consumption will be from renewable sources by 2030, Therefore it is necessary to concentrate our forces in order to(More)
In this work a tele-operated system for a robot arm is designed and controlled by the operator, in witch voice control mode occur to carry out remote tasks. A voice command system for the manipulator arm is implemented as a high level control design and compared to a low level control design based on joystick. The high level control paradigm adopted is(More)
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