Hadil Mustafa

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This paper discusses issues of using wireless sensor systems to monitor structures and pipelines in the case of disastrous events. The platforms are deployed and monitored remotely on lifetime systems, such as underground water pipelines. Although similar systems have been proposed for monitoring seismic events and the structure health of bridges and(More)
This paper proposes a distributed real-time detection algorithm for detecting rupture events in water pipelines noninvasively. The purpose is to suppress not only unnecessary transmission but also local processing in order to save power without sacrificing sensitivity or specificity of the events of interest. All these goals are accomplished by adaptive(More)
The atmospheric hazards that may be present in confined space pose serious threat to human while carrying special task in the respective location. Among the areas that are considered as confined space are utility tunnel, boiler, storage tank, sewage lines, man holes and underground electrical fault. Currently, there is no specific technique to replace(More)
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