Hadi Zayandehroodi

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This paper presents an improved solution for optimal placement and sizing of active power conditioner (APC) to enhance power quality in distribution systems using the improved discrete firefly algorithm (IDFA). A multi-objective optimization problem is formulated to improve voltage profile, minimize voltage total harmonic distortion and minimize total(More)
The increase in interconnection of distributed generators (DGs) to distribution network will greatly affect the configuration and operation mode of the power system, especially with respect to the protection scheme. However, when DG units are connected to a distribution network, the system is no longer radial, which causes a loss of coordination among(More)
This paper presents an overview of solutions proposed in the literature for the overcurrent relay coordination problem in the presence of distributed generators (DGs). Furthermore, several protection issues are identified to study the requirements for protection in the presence of DGs, and possible innovative solutions for resolving the operational(More)
This paper presents a dynamic PQ analysis on the effects of high-penetrated grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems in a distribution system under different weather conditions. To track practical considerations, all information on PV units and weather conditions given in this paper were collected from different solar panel producers and from the Malaysian(More)
In this paper, Sliding Mode Control (SMC) for Buck, converters are proposed, tested and compared. Also a detailed analysis is undertaken to explore the stability and bifurcation pattern of the nonlinear phenomena in the Buck DC-DC converter leading to a better understanding of its dynamics. First a nonlinear system modelling is derived for open-loop Buck(More)
In today’s modern world, customers require a high level of power quality than ever before because of the increasing availability of semiconductor devices and microprocessors that are more sensitive against power system disturbances. One of the most frequently occurring types of power quality disturbances are voltage sags, which are considered to likely have(More)
The introduction of distributed generation (DG) units provided an opportunity to enhance the reliability of distribution networks. However, it is expected that DG contribution in fault current can affect existing protective devices, especially overcurrent relays (OC) coordination. The system reliability can deteriorate when protective devices lose their(More)
Optimal capacitor allocation in distribution systems has been studied for a long times. It is an optimization problem which has an objective to define the optimal sizes and locations ofcapacitors to be installed.This paper presents a new methodology using particle swarm optimization (PSO) Algorithm for the placement of capacitors on the distribution systems(More)
Improving reliability of power distribution systems is an important consideration for utilities especially when high penetration of distributed generation based on renewable energy sources (DGRESs) is considered. Under faults that result in loss of mains, reliability enhancement can be achieved by operating these sources in the islanding mode hence(More)