Hadi Usmani

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The polio vaccination drive in Pakistan has seen umerous obstacles over the years which have all esulted in a failure of complete polio eradication rom the country. Parental refusal to administer accine, religious misconceptions, security lapses or polio workers and ineffective vaccines have all umulatively impeded the success of the vacciation drive [1—3].(More)
Injury or death by strangulation, unless otherwise explained, is almost always homicidal. Accidental strangulation may occur but only very rarely. We present such a case of accidental strangulation and survival in a motorbike pillion rider. A long scarf (dupatta) clad woman, sitting at the back of a two wheeler motorbike, fell after her long scarf got(More)
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs) comprise of a large family of 17 proteins encoded by various genes which participate in genome maintenance, apoptosis, inflammatory responses and the regulation of gene expression programs. PARP inhibitors, as therapeutic agents, come into play acting on both PARP 1 and PARP 2. These drugs seem to target tumor cells in a(More)
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