Hadi Saboohi

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Clustering data streams has drawn lots of attention in the last few years due to their ever-growing presence. Data streams put additional challenges on clustering such as limited time and memory and one pass clustering. Furthermore, discovering clusters with arbitrary shapes is very important in data stream applications. Data streams are infinite and(More)
Data streams are continuously generated over time from Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The faster all of this data is analyzed, its hidden trends and patterns discovered, and new strategies created, the faster action can be taken, creating greater value for organizations. Density-based method is a prominent class in clustering data streams. It has the(More)
Composite Web services are self-evidently failure-prone. A recovery process is required to survive the execution flow. We propose a method to recover a composite service from a failure. The method replaces a subdigraph of a composite service with its semantically similar one. Our work is motivated by a marked trade-off of multiple needs, i.e. to increase(More)
Density-based method has emerged as a worthwhile class for clustering data streams. Recently, a number of density-based algorithms have been developed for clustering data streams. However, existing density-based data stream clustering algorithms are not without problem. There is a dramatic decrease in the quality of clustering when there is a range in(More)
The prerequisite for new versatile grippers is the capability to locate and perceive protests in their surroundings. It is realized that automated controllers are profoundly nonlinear frameworks, and a faultless numerical model is hard to get, in this way making it troublesome to control utilizing tried and true procedure. Here, a design of an adaptive(More)
Keywords : Underactuated finger Adaptive neuro fuzzy system Kinetostatic analysis Contacts forces Variable selection Estimation a b s t r a c t The main purpose of this paper is to determine what joints are most strained in the proposed underac-tuated finger by adaptive neuro-fuzzy methodology. For this , kinetostatic analysis of the finger structure is(More)
A Web service-based system never fulfills a user’s goal unless a failure recovery approach exists. It is inevitable that several Web services may either perish or fail before or during transactions. The completion of a composite process relies on the smooth execution of all constituent Web services. A mediator acts as an intermediary between providers and(More)