Hadi Rezaei Yazdi

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Of the 126 isolates obtained from clinical specimens, seventy strains were selected because of resistance or reduced susceptibilities to imipenem and/or ceftazidime. Screening for detection of MBL-producing strains was performed in latter isolates by the Etest MBL strips. Isolates that were positive to Etest MBL strips were analysed by PCR. PCR was(More)
In Gram negative bacteria, fluoroquinolone resistance is acquired by target mutations in topoisomerase genes or by reducing the permeation of drugs due to the increase in expression of endogenous multidrug efflux pumps that expel structurally unrelated antimicrobial agents. An ongoing challenge is searching for new inhibitory substances in order to block(More)
Rapid and accurate identification of mycobacteria isolates from primary culture is important due to timely and appropriate antibiotic therapy. Conventional methods for identification of Mycobacterium species based on biochemical tests needs several weeks and may remain inconclusive. In this study, a novel multiplex real-time PCR was developed for rapid(More)
Toxoplasma gondii is an important opportunistic agent especially in immunocompromised hosts and can cause significant morbidity and mortality. Hence, detection and monitoring of anti-Toxoplasma antibodies are of a great interest in HIV-infected patients. A study on the prevalence of toxoplasmosis and associated risk factors was carried out among(More)
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