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The fish oil (FO), and fish oil powder (FOP) at 10 % of recommended daily intake (RDI) were used to make two types of fortified feta cheeses. The physicochemical, rheological and sensory properties of ripened samples at 0, 30, and 60th days of cold store (5 °C) showed that the FO samples had a faster pH reduction, higher MSNF (milk solid non-fat) increase(More)
The inability to determine the precise intracellular location of non-fluorescent organic calcium chelators such as BAPTA is a persistent problem which has precluded much detailed analysis of the chelators' spatial or temporal dynamics in live cells. Similarly, following physiological experiments with fluorescent indicators like Fura-2, it has often been(More)
Objective: Infectious microorganisms are major sources of illness and death worldwide, and the leading cause of death in neonates. Effective vaccination of this age group is of particular importance. The lack of a response and greater susceptibility to tolerance are two major features that limit the effectiveness of vaccines in neonates. In this study we(More)
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