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Second generation bioethanol production: A critical review
It is a popular fact that the world's dependency on fossil fuel has caused unfavourable effects, including lessening crude oil reserve, decreasing air quality, rising global temperature,
Second generation bioethanol potential from selected Malaysia's biodiversity biomasses: A review.
Rising global temperature, worsening air quality and drastic declining of fossil fuel reserve are the inevitable phenomena from the disorganized energy management. Bioethanol is believed to clear out
Characterization of phosphoric acid- and lime-stabilized tropical lateritic clay
The effect of calcium-based stabilizers such as lime on the geotechnical properties of tropical soils has been reported by many researchers. However, the amount of literature available on the
Physicochemical characterization of cement treated kaolin clay
The physicochemical characterization of the cement-treated brown kaolin clay is presented in this paper. The effect of cement on the strength and compressibility of clay samples, at different curing
Simultaneous adsorption of a mixture of paraquat and dye by NaY zeolite covered with alkylsilane.
The results demonstrate that the alkysilylated NaY materials are capable of simultaneous adsorption of paraquat and blue dye.
Antimicrobial Treatment of Different Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: A Critical Review
Many nanomaterials can be used as metal oxides (Ti, Ag, Zn, Cu, Mg, Ca, Ce, Yt, Al). Metal oxide nanoparticles have strong antimicrobial properties. The oxides that play a large role as antimicrobial
Phase change material: Optimizing the thermal properties and thermal conductivity of myristic acid/palmitic acid eutectic mixture with acid-based surfactants
Abstract In this study the addition of surfactant to fatty acids as phase change materials (PCMs) for solar thermal applications is proposed. The incorporation of surfactant additives into a eutectic