Hadi Mohammadzadeh

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To improvement of grains quality of wheat and reduction of micronutrient malnutrition in human populations as a basic method, current wheat varieties in Iran were analyzed for diversity of micronutrients (Fe, Zn and Beta-carotene) concentrations in grain. Eighty two varieties including modern, landrace and durum wheat were grown in field condition across(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for extracting the main content from Web documents written in languages not based on the Latin alphabet. In practice, the HTML tags are based on the English language and, certainly, the English character set is encoded in the interval [0,127] of the Unicode character set. On the other hand, many languages, such as the(More)
This chapter presents R2L, DANA and DANAg, a family of novel algorithms for extracting the main content (MC) of web documents. The main concept behind R2L, which also provided the initial idea and motivation for the other two algorithms, is to exploit particularities of Right-to-Left languages for obtaining the MC of web pages. As the English character set(More)
Automatically extracting the headline of online web articles has many applications in web mining and information retrieval. In this paper, we developed a content-based and domain-and language-independent approach, <i>TitleFinder</i>, for unsupervised extraction of the headline of web articles. <i>TitleFinder</i> starts by using a heuristic to select a(More)
Server honeypots are static systems, setup to monitor attacks on research and production networks. Static honeypots are unable to represent the dynamic nature of today’s networks where different numbers of hardware devices and hosts running various operating systems are online at a particular time and frequently join and leave a network. A single static(More)
The rockfill structures are widely constructed throughout the world and rockfills are largely used in these structures as main materials or filler materials. In the crust of earth dams, the rockfill materials role is to stabilize the body of the dam, however, the behavior of these materials in Particular their shear strength is not fully understood. In this(More)