Hadi Karsoho

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Focus group discussions elicited descriptive experiences of driving under the influence of gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), and uncovered motivations that led participants to decide whether to get behind the wheel after ingesting this illegal psychoactive substance. Of the 51 current and past users interviewed, average age 31.1 +/- 7.7 years, 40% were female.(More)
Résumé Summary Ce cas, basé sur des expériences personnelles ainsi que sur celles trouvées dans la littérature, met en évidence la tension délicate à laquelle sont confrontées les entreprises vouées au développement des médicaments soit d’équilibrer l’intégrité de la recherche et leur rentabilité. This case, based on personal experiences and on those found(More)
BACKGROUND Recent events in Canada have mobilized public debate concerning the controversial issue of euthanasia. Physicians represent an essential stakeholder group with respect to the ethics and practice of euthanasia. Further, their opinions can hold sway with the public, and their public views about this issue may further reflect back upon the medical(More)
'Suffering' is a central discursive trope for the right-to-die movement. In this article, we ask how proponents of physician-assisted dying (PAD) articulate suffering with the role of medicine at the end of life within the context of a decriminalization and legalization debate. We draw upon empirical data from our study of Carter v. Canada, the landmark(More)
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