Hadi Delavari

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The ultrasonic irradiation (28 kHz, 50 W) in pre-cavitations regime was employed to enhance the degradation rate of styrene-acrylic acid copolymer in aqueous media with nano titania photocatalyst particles. A stainless steel cylindrical sono-photo reactor with capacity of about 1.25 L, equipped with a UV lamp (250 W) was used. The influence of operational(More)
81 Abstract—Velocity control of DC motors is an important issue also shorter settling time is desired. In this paper at first a PID compensator which adjusted by genetic algorithm is designed then another compensator will be designed by combining two methods, Integral controller and optimal State Feedback controller (I&S.F.). In the second compensator,(More)
In this paper, extracted word features have been used toward offline detection of Persian handwritten words. This has been done using fourteen features in Persian word structure. In this method after required pre-processing, numbers and location of dots versus base line are extracted then the word becomes thin and the feature extraction stage starts. In(More)
Abstract In this paper, a new robust controller based on geometric homogeneity and adaptive integral sliding mode is proposed for a class of second order systems. The upper bound of the system disturbances is not required. Fully unknown parameters have been considered in the described model and its finite–time convergence to zero equilibrium point is(More)
In this paper, the level control in coupled tanks is investigated. At first a feedback linearization method is applied. It is a well known fact that feedback linearization controllers are not robust to changes in the parameters of the system and to disturbances acting on the system. Hence a Sliding Mode Controller is designed. In Sliding Mode Control (SMC),(More)
We address the problem of chaos suppression in Lorenz system with a novel fractional-order controller. Our approach relies on Caputo's differintegration. Indeed, we introduce a new concept of sliding mode control based on Caputo's definition of fractional derivative. Accordingly, a novel nonlinear fractional-order sliding surface is designed. Then an(More)
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