Hadeli Hadeli

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Industrial automation and control systems (IACS) today are often based on common IT technologies. However, they often lack security mechanisms and those available in enterprise IT environments are often not suitable for IACS. Other mechanisms require significant manual maintenance which is error prone. In this paper we present an approach that leverages the(More)
Nowadays, industrial control systems operators are trying to fulfill requirements from upcoming standards and regulation regarding cyber security issues. However, addressing such security requirements by implementing security measures is not a trivial task. Moreover, the creation and maintenance of the configuration for the security measures is prone to(More)
We will provide a broad overview of some recent research topics in biomathematics that involve questions in approximation theory. In particular we will focus on models for the study of population systems with interactions and competition, possibly leading to extinction of some of the actors on the scene, [1, 4]. When multiple stable equilibria are(More)
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