Haddassah Gorman

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We investigated the severity and duration of hyperlipidemia in 59 nephrotic children during relapse and remission. Serum total cholesterol and triglyceride values were greater than or equal to 95th percentile for age and sex in all patients with minimal change nephrotic syndrome in relapse and in patients with non-MCNS and persistent proteinuria. Most of(More)
Pancreatitis developed in a 12-year-old girl with a one-year history of systemic lupus erythematosus. The pancreatitis was first manifested by panniculitis of the lower extremities. Calcinosis cutis subsequently developed, both in areas of panniculitis and in areas free of panniculitis. The patient's medications at the time of onset of pancreatitis included(More)
Cause of chronic renal failure (CRF), age at clinical onset, and deterioration rate were studied in 81 unselected children 2 months to 18 years old who were referred to UM-JMH during a six-year period. Obstructive uropathies caused 42%, glomerulopathies 27%, renal hypoplasias 15%, and hereditary and vascular nephropathies 8%. Age at clinical onset of CRF(More)
Nitroprusside was used with intermittent hemodialysis over a 26-day period in a 6-year-old boy with intractable hypertension. Hemodialysis effectively removed thiocyanate from the blood, thus preventing its accumulation and subsequent toxic manifestations. Prolonged nitroprusside infusion maintained arterial blood pressure at acceptable levels until the(More)
Background: C-reactive protein (CRP) has been linked to cardiovascular and renal disease. We evaluated the effects of CRP on the production of nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide by rat mesangial cells (RMC) and the impact on cell function. Methods and Results: RMC were incubated with cytokines (IFN-γ, IL-1β, and LPS) and CRP (10–100 μg/ml) for 24–72 h.(More)
A simple technique of manometric scintigraphic retrograde cystography was applied prospectively to 125 patients (85 per cent children) with 142 studies. 99mTechnetium sulfur colloid (0.5 to 1 mCi.) was instilled in the bladder followed by increments of normal saline under manometric control. The sensitivity of the test was increased when the filling phase(More)