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This study assessed reproductive performance, fetal viability and teratogenicity in female mice exposed to cyclophosphamide across a timeline corresponding to different stages of follicle maturation. Pregnancies were established in female Balb/c mice 1-4 weeks after administration of a non-sterilizing dose of cyclophosphamide (75 mg/kg). Each mating group(More)
Studies have shown that ovarian failure is a common side-effect of chemotherapy treatment; however, continuation of regular menses post-treatment does not necessarily imply that the ovaries have escaped damage. This animal study measures directly the primordial follicle (PMF) loss following exposure to chemotherapy and evaluates reproductive outcome(More)
The authors measured levels of clindamycin, a drug well established as useful in the treatment of various soft-tissue and parenchymal bacterial infections, in serum, cerebrospinal fluid, and brain tissue of 14 rhesus monkeys. Penetration into brain tissue was erratic and concentrations detected were not significant. Cerebrospinal fluid levels, however,(More)
OBJECTIVE Azathioprine and 6-mercaptopurine interact in purine metabolism and DNA synthesis, thus their potential mutagenic effects have been of concern in the management of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), especially in patients of childbearing age. Although several clinical studies have indicated their safety in both reproduction and pregnancy, in a(More)