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OBJECTIVE We present the largest reported cohort of carotid cavernous aneurysms (CCA), comparing the neuro-ophthalmic presentation, complications, and outcome with and without endovascular treatment. METHODS Retrospective review of 185 patients with 206 CCAs examined between 1980 and 2001 at a tertiary neuro-ophthalmology and neurovascular service.(More)
OBJECTIVE Guglielmi detachable coil treatment is becoming an accepted alternative to microsurgical clipping for select intracerebral aneurysms. Resolution of oculomotor nerve paresis (ONP) after endovascular packing was claimed to be complete in two prior series, with three and six cases. We describe the evolution of ONP after Guglielmi detachable coil(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the use of supplemental prophylactic vancomycin in the irrigating solution during extracapsular lens extraction is associated with increased incidence of cystoid macular edema. DESIGN Prospective, randomized, double-masked clinical study. PARTICIPANTS Consecutive series of 118 patients 60 years of age or older undergoing(More)
BACKGROUND Glucocorticoid (GC) therapy has been shown to prevent Graves' ophthalmopathy (GO) progression following radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment. However, the optimal regimen is controversial, with studies from recent years suggesting the use of lower doses and shorter GC treatment courses. METHODS We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis(More)
GOAL To determine whether aneurysms of the cavernous internal carotid artery (CCA) cause major neurologic morbidity or death. METHODS Retrospective analysis of all patients with a spontaneous CCA evaluated by a referral multidisciplinary neurovascular service from 1981 to 2000. All patients had complete clinical neuro-ophthalmologic and neurologic(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the incidence of cardiac and cerebrovascular events following non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) compared to published control data using the Framingham, United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) and the National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance (NVDPA) data. METHODS A retrospective study of all(More)
BACKGROUND Idiopathic intracranial hypertension may be associated with sleep apnea. This study evaluated the incidence of sleep breathing disorders in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension. MATERIALS AND METHODS Overnight respiratory monitoring was performed in 22 untreated patients with idiopathic intracranial pressure diagnosed at a(More)
PURPOSE An animal model study was conducted to compare the efficacy of recurrent topical applications of hyaluronic acid and gentamicin ointment for the treatment of noninfected, mechanical corneal erosions. METHODS An artificial, controlled wound of identical size and depth was inflicted to the corneas of three groups of rabbit eyes in order to measure(More)
Scorched eyelashes and burned eyelids are a common finding in facial burns, though the eye itself is often spared. Affected patients often complain of foreign body sensation and ocular discomfort in the absence of objective physical findings, other than scorched eyelashes and burned eyelash particles in the conjunctival sacs. This study was designed to(More)