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The parameters of the acid-base-state of the arterial blood were measured in spontaneously hypertensive rats of the Okamoto-strain (SHR) and in normotensive Wistar rats (NWR) of a random-bred strain. The animals were anaesthetized with chloralose-urethane and breathed normal air under sea-level conditions. Structure and size of their carotid bodies were(More)
In normotensive Wistar rats of a random-bred strain and in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) of the Okamoto-Aoki-strain, the mean systemic arterial blood pressure, the pO2, pCO2, pH-values and the base excess of the arterial blood were measured during ventilating normal air as well as hypoxic (12.6% O2 in N2) and hyperoxic (100% O2) gas mixtures. The(More)
The effect of isotopes ((10)B-(11)B; (12)C-(13)C) on the infrared- and Raman-active phonons of boron carbide has been investigated. For B isotopes, the contributions of the virtual crystal approximation, polarization vector and isotopical disorder are separated. Boron and carbon isotope effects are largely opposite to one another and indicate the share of(More)
Mild treatment with hydrogen peroxide solutions (3-30%) efficiently decomposes adsorbed chemical warfare agents (CWAs) on microporous activated carbons used in protective garments and air filters. Better than 95% decomposition of adsorbed sulfur mustard (HD), sarin, and VX was achieved at ambient temperatures within 1-24 h, depending on the H2O2(More)
Highly dispersed Pt nanoparticles were incorporated in CeO2 nanopowders by an ultrasound-assisted reduction procedure. The activity of the Pt/CeO2 catalysts was studied in the reaction of the ethyl acetate combustion, and complete conversion was achieved at low temperature. It was demonstrated that the higher dispersion of the CeO2 support, the better the(More)