Hacer Yalim Keles

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For a practical computer implementation of part embedding in shapes that is also true to their continuous character and the shape grammar formalism, shapes and their boundaries are handled together in composite shape and label algebras. Temporary representations of shapes, termed `overcomplete graphs', comprise boundary elements of shapes and how they are(More)
We propose a method to accelerate direct volume rendering using programmable graphics hardware (GPU). In the method, texture slices are grouped together to form a texture slab. Rendering non-empty slabs from front to back viewing order generates the resultant image. Considering each pixel of the image as a ray, slab silhouette maps (SSMs) are used to skip(More)
Ray traversal is the most time consuming part in volume ray casting. In this paper, an acceleration technique for direct volume rendering is introduced, which uses a GPU friendly data structure to reduce traversal time. Empty regions and homogeneous regions in the volume is encoded using extended anisotropic chessboard distance (EACD) transformation. By(More)
Accurate moving object detection is one of the most important topic for surveillance systems. Background subtraction works well for videos acquired by stationary mounted camera. However, it does not work for mounted moving cameras since the background objects also move in two consecutive frames. In this paper, we propose an optical flow based moving object(More)
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