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The Bessel-Muirhead hypergeometric system (or 0 F 1-system) in two variables (and three variables) is solved using symmetric series, with an explicit formula for coefficients , in order to express the K-Bessel function as a linear combination of the J-solutions. Limits of this method and suggestions for generalizations to a higher rank are discussed. 1.(More)
  • Hacen Dib
  • Int. J. Math. Mathematical Sciences
  • 2005
Bessel functions of matrix argument appeared as a subject of studies in the work of Herz [6]. One can find in the multivariate statistics literature some applications of these functions (see [11]). The main tool of Herz’s work was the Laplace transform and its inverse in the space of real symmetric matrices. He obtained several properties but a “good”(More)
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