Habtamu Z. Beneberu

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The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) was used to obtain flattening factors to describe the overall anisotropy of nonbonding van der Waals (vdW) contacts between several main group elements. The method for obtaining the flattening factors is based on a novel minimization process. Results show that the vdW contact distances are significantly dependent on(More)
The concept of a double-bonded pancake bonding mechanism is introduced to explain the extremely short π-π stacking contacts in dimers of dithiatriazines. While ordinary single pancake bonds occur between radicals and already display significantly shorter interatomic distances in comparison to van der Waals (vdW) contacts, the double-bonded pancake dimer is(More)
Unusually long bonds or short intermolecular contacts occur in the title compounds reminiscent of pancake bonding. Pancake bonding interactions seem analogous to π-stacking interactions, but they display much shorter contact distances than normally seen in van der Waals (vdW) dimers. The interpretation of these SN and SeN containing structures has been an(More)
Pancake π-stacking produces shorter contacts than van der Waals bonding but it has strongly preferred configurations. By high-level multireference average quadratic coupled cluster theory for the singlet and triplet, we identify the specific orbital component and the nonspecific vdW contributions in the prototypical pancake-bonded dimer of phenalenyl(More)
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