Habibullah Khan

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— Resolution and contrast are the two important attributes of an image. In this paper we developed a method to enhance the quality of the given image. The enhancement is done both with respect to resolution and contrast. The proposed technique uses DWT and SVD. To increase the resolution, the proposed method uses DWT and SWT. These transforms decompose the(More)
To study the effects of and interactions among feed types, seasons, and agroecological zones on the total fungal viable count and aflatoxins B1 (AFB1), B2 (AFB2), G1 (AFG1), and G2 (AFG2) production in poultry feed, an experiment was conducted using three-factorial design. A total of 216 samples of poultry feed ingredients, viz. maize, wheat, rice, cotton(More)
A different kind of approach was employed in designing a multi-band antenna by using chebyshev distribution to fulfill broadband and military applications on FR4 substrate. The presented approach is based on combining a rectangular and a equilateral triangular patch with proper slots placed on each part and is simulated using concerto software. By changing(More)
To overcome a multipath fading environment with low complexity and to achieve wireless broadband multimedia communication systems, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) transmission scheme is used. OFDM is one of the applications of a parallel data transmission scheme, which reduces the influence of multipath fading. The performance of OFDM can(More)
Emerging demands for high data rate services and high spectral efficiency are the key driving forces for the continued technology evolution in wireless communications. MIMO technology has attracted attention in wireless communications, because it offers significant increases in data throughput and link range without additional bandwidth or transmit power.(More)
Detection, parameter extraction and the tracking of moving high speed small targets are challenging tasks for the radar system design and in most of radar applications, target's range migration was one of the reasons that limits integration time and consequently reduces the processing gain. The high speed makes the target shift through range cells during(More)
Singapore is experiencing a rapid growth of e-learning and it was estimated that e-learning market in 2005 was around US$ 106 million. Adequate infrastructure, rapid advancement of ICT sectors, globalization and changes in demographic profile, increasing demand for knowledge workers, outsourcing, and government incentives are the major forces responsible(More)
—Phase unwrapping (PU) is the process of recovering the absolute phase ϕ from the wrapped phase ψ and it is key problem in interferometry SAR processing (In-SAR) and Sonar (In-SAS), MRI (medical imaging) & signal processing applications, etc. In all these applications the observation mechanism is an absolute phase (2π-periodic function of the true phase).(More)