Habibullah Akbar

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Personal computer (PC) based weight scale system is a digital measurement system for checking the weight of product in manufacturing process. The system will connect directly to the measurement device and will display the result automatically. The load cell has been applied as a measurement sensor. The interface allows users to interact with the system. A(More)
Quality of product is the most important aspect in manufacturing. The method for determine quality is divided into post-process inspection and real-time inspection. In this paper, we describe a scheme to apply computer vision for quality control application. The scheme is concerning to the development of automated visual inspection for press part sorting(More)
This paper describes maintenance decision support fuzzy system for computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) data analysis in small and medium industries (SMIs). The problems are based on two factors that influence effect of machines maintenance, the downtime and the frequency of machine failures. The objective is to implement both factors into(More)
Clonal Selection Algorithm (CLONALG) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) have been applied for wide spectrum of computer vision problems. However, their applications to 3D object recognition receive only little attention. In this paper, CLONALG and PSO algorithms for recognition of 3D object are discussed. Instead of using any predefined model to extract(More)
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