Habibah Hashim

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Secure communication mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been widely deployed to ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the nodes and data. Recently many WSNs applications rely on trusted communication to ensure large user acceptance. Indeed, the trusted relationship thus far can only be achieved through Trust Management System(More)
— Globalization had changed the world landscape into borderless world without limits to sea, land and air space. The development of IT products and services need evaluation and certification. This paper discusses some security and trust issues in Common Criteria in evaluation and certification of IT products and services. Our intention is to help(More)
Mobile computing emerged in the market for the past few years to provide solution for various platforms that range from smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, server to virtual computing systems such as cloud computing. The design approach and development of solutions for mobile computing continues to evolve in fulfilling the needs of diverse(More)
— Advances in smart devices has witnessed major developments in many mobile applications such as Android applications. These smart devices normally interconnect to the internet using wireless technology and applications using the TFTP protocol among these wireless devices are becoming commonplace. In this work, we present an enhanced lightweight security(More)
Nowadays, an IT officer would normally use virtualization as a security mechanism to provide clandestine isolation environment and concurrently hope with optimism to secure the emerging of cloud computing. Indeed, virtualization offers some kind of computing defense from being attacked from the cloud infrastructure. Significantly, the proliferation of(More)
This paper studies the effect of spatial correlation on the system capacity in realistic channels, accurate channel models are necessary. Although, several MIMO channel models have been proposed in the literature, most of them are based on the assumption that waves travel in the azimuth plane (i.e. two-dimensional (2-D) wave scattering), which may not be(More)
— After 38 years of birthday Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (DHKE), there are many proposed improvements in the DHKE protocol to encounter modern security issues. This protocol seems quite simple to be implemented; but it can be vulnerable to many types of attacks. In this work, we propose the Chained Key Exchange scheme as a case study to explore(More)