Habibah Hashim

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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia due to progressive and fatal brain disease. In this work a standard set of mathematical equations in the form of percentage is defined to predict susceptibility of AD on patient candidates. Two parameters were used as a basis for AD prediction; the biomarker and risk factor. Datasets used in this(More)
Globalization had changed the world landscape into borderless world without limits to sea, land and air space. The development of IT products and services need evaluation and certification. This paper discusses some security and trust issues in Common Criteria in evaluation and certification of IT products and services. Our intention is to help manufacturer(More)
Secure communication mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been widely deployed to ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the nodes and data. Recently many WSNs applications rely on trusted communication to ensure large user acceptance. Indeed, the trusted relationship thus far can only be achieved through Trust Management System(More)
The recent evolution of IP networks are seeing IP applications becoming more complex and requiring higher bandwidth consumption. More recently, IP networks are employing Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) which offers better switching and enables Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, the service quality is becoming a major issue in MPLS networks due to(More)
Windows Operating System (WinOS) emerged in the market for the past few decades to provide the solution for various platforms that range from desktop computer, server to sophisticated computing systems such as grid computer. The evolution of the design of operating systems continues to fulfill the needs of diverse applications that run on various platforms(More)
— Advances in smart devices has witnessed major developments in many mobile applications such as Android applications. These smart devices normally interconnect to the internet using wireless technology and applications using the TFTP protocol among these wireless devices are becoming commonplace. In this work, we present an enhanced lightweight security(More)
A new single-phase dual converter topology using single-phase matrix converter is presented. The converter is subjected to operating various passive loads during investigations. Basic DC motor models are also simulated to study the behavior and operation of the converter. Boost rectifier technique for power factor improvements are also presented for(More)
This paper, presents a detailed review of the works on pairing algorithm and its application in Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). WSNs device is a device that resource constrained, limited memory storage and open to a third party attack. This issue has been widely recognized and much research has been in this area,(More)
The importance of key management protocol in ensuring secure communications in WSN is undeniable. This paper presents an IBE-Trust security framework utilizing the well-known identity based encryption scheme not to only establish secure communications but to ensure the trustworthiness of the communication between sensor nodes and base station. The framework(More)
Nowadays, an IT officer would normally use virtualization as a security mechanism to provide clandestine isolation environment and concurrently hope with optimism to secure the emerging of cloud computing. Indeed, virtualization offers some kind of computing defense from being attacked from the cloud infrastructure. Significantly, the proliferation of(More)