Habiba Hafdallah

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A procedure to design and characterise high speed bipolar circuits is presented. The design method is improved by using iso base-collector capacitance curves and duty cycles plots in the (IC, Vce) plane. This new optimisation way gives the optimum electrical parameters for each transistor of a bipolar circuit to reach the best trade-off between the(More)
A fully MESFET hybrid sampling system has been built and tested. The circuit includes an FET sampling gate, an FET sampling pulse generator, and an FET test step generator. These functions have been studied separately using a large-signal model and picosecond instrumentation. The parameters of each of them are optimized to obtain the best performances.(More)
A NQS large-signal transient HBT model is proposed. It is based on a QS model and includes the base push-out effects and the NQS effect associated with the transient regime of the distributed charges in the neutral base. The influence of the NQS effect is demonstrated in the picosecond transient regime.
A picosecond GaAs MESFET sampling gate employing a NEC710 as a resistive switch is designed and tested in hybrid technology. The 10-90% transition duration of the step response is 22ps. The dynamic operation is studied with a precise determination of transmitted and reflected picosecond waveforms at the different ports of the circuit during the capture of a(More)
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