Habib Virji

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As people use an increasing number of smart devices for their everyday computing, it is surprising that these powerful, internet-enabled devices are rarely connected together to create personal networks. The webinos project is an attempt to make this possible so that resources can easily be shared between devices, regardless of the operating system or(More)
Testing web-based software infrastructures is challenging. The need to interact with different services running on different devices, with different expectations for security and privacy contributes not only to the complexity of the infrastructure, but also to the approaches necessary to test it. Moreover, as large-scale systems, such infrastructures may be(More)
Acknowledgement I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Tony Malmström for giving me the opportunity to do this thesis work in Ericsson Radio Systems AB, Kista, Sweden. I am thankful to Mr Olle Rosendahl for his feedback and explanation of concepts. I am grateful to Ludomir Rewo, Fredrick Lunell, Daniel Tekle, and Vitali Fridland for their support in(More)
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