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In this paper a quad band circular patch antenna with fractal elements is proposed for S-band and C-band applications. The designed antenna operates at four different frequency bands such as 2.86GHz, 4.76GHz, 6.50GHz and 7.42GHz with bandwidth of 110MHz, 110MHz, 110MHz and 90GHz respectively of wireless applications with a return loss, VSWR and gain at(More)
This paper presents the comparison of two different fractal antennas. Both the antennas are designed by using FR4 glass epoxy substrate with relative permittivity of 4.4 and 1.6mm thickness. The different parameters such as return loss, VSWR, gain and bandwidth of existing antenna (multi-fractal antenna) are compared with designed antenna (star shaped(More)
Process variation has an increasingly dramatic effect on delay and power as process geometries shrink. Even if the amount of variation remains the same as in previous generations, it accounts for a greater percentage of process geometries as they get smaller. So an accurate prediction of path delay and power variability for real digital circuits in the(More)
Memristive devices have gained significant research attention lately because of their unique properties and wide application spectrum. In particular, memristor-based resistive random access memory (RRAM) offers the high density, low power, and low volatility required for next-generation nonvolatile memory. Nowadays, despite significant advances in hardware(More)
In this paper we demonstrate a dynamical system simulator that runs on a single GPU. The model (running on an NVIDIA GT325M with 1GB of memory) is up to 50 times faster than a CPU version when more than 10 million adaptive Hopf oscillators have been simulated. The simulation shows that the oscillators tune to the correct frequencies for both discrete and(More)
The purpose of this study was to see whether there were any significant differences in type and frequency of occurrence moves in theses discussion sections written by Iranian MA students in TEFL and MSc students in chemistry and to find a common pattern of schematic move structure for each field using Hopkin and Dudley – Evans’ (1988)model. To this end, 60(More)
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