Habib Rehaoulia

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Position and force ripple are the majors disadvantage of linear switched reluctance motor (LSRM), thing that can reduce his integration in high precision application. The work developed in this paper is a novel method to control this actuator in order to increase his performance. A model of the actuator is performed neglecting magnetic saturation.. In order(More)
Recently, the self-excited induction generators (SEIG) have been widely employed to operate as wind-turbine generators of an isolated power system. This paper proposes a simple method for the steady-state performance characteristics of a SEIG. Unlike the previous method, the proposed method avoids the tedious and erroneous manual work of segregating the(More)
The aim of this paper is to present the model of double star induction machine using the concept of vector space decomposition, while taking into account the mutual leakage between two stars. This powerful concept allows to analyze the impact of circulating harmonic currents on the double star induction machine performance when supplied by voltage source(More)
The present paper gives an overview of modelling technique to describe the nonlinear behaviour of saturated Linear Switched Reluctance Machine (LSRM). The approach is based on the thrust force characteristics versus position. Taking into account the non-linearity of the magnetic circuit, model is expressed by the polynomials. The results of these analytical(More)
The present paper deals with isolated neutral multilevel inverters. The topologies of well known structures, that are H-bridge, Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) and Flying Capacitors (FC) are presented with their main features. Computer simulations for all cited topologies are performed and respective waveforms are analyzed. As unusual, it is proved that, for a(More)
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