Habib F. Rashvand

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Using wireless sensor network (WSN) for building new sensing and actuating applications in space and extreme environments (SEEs) can fuel a new application paradigm if it can be adopted into a new strategy. This complementary contribution from the Guest Editors carries an important message of breaking away from conventional WSN research and developments and(More)
As two major communication technologies, the internet and wireless, are maturing rapidly to dominate our civilised life, the authors urgently need to re-establish users’ confidence to harvest new potential applications of large-scale distributed systems. Service agents and distributed multi-agent systems (MASs) have shown the potential to help with this(More)
Due to excessive use of computer and other low activity learning systems in many schools the physical health status of young students is deteriorating at an alarming rate throughout the world and more seriously in Taiwan upon recent national survey. We address this growing global problem with student learning process in mind in this study we examine making(More)
In this deployment-oriented objective review of smartphones (SFs), we briefly discuss their main features at device-level, system-level, and application-level, in an attempt to help with the process. In the background of this paper we point out four main enabling factors. We envisage advanced SF solutions would be able to help us with a better life style(More)