Habib Dhahri

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This paper proposes a hierarchical multi-dimensional differential evolution (HMDDE) algorithm, which is an automatic computational frame work for the optimization of beta basis function neural network (BBFNN) wherein the neural network architecture, weights connection, learning algorithm and its parameters are adapted according to the problem. In the(More)
—In this paper, a tree-based encoding method is introduced to represent the Beta basis function neural network. The proposed model called Flexible Beta Basis Function Neural Tree (FBBFNT) can be created and optimized based on the predefined Beta operator sets. A hybrid learning algorithm is used to evolving FBBFNT Model: the structure is developed using the(More)
— This paper presents an application of swarm intelligence technique namely Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) to design the design of the Beta Basis Function Neural Networks (BBFNN). The focus of this research is to investigate the new population meta-heuristic to optimize the Beta neural networks parameters. The proposed algorithm is used for the prediction of(More)