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Segmentation based Arabic script based languages character recognition has been a popular field of research for many years. The challenging nature of Arabic script recognition has attracted the attention of researchers from both industry and academic circles but these efforts have not achieved good results until now. Segmentation of Urdu script when written(More)
Arabic and various Indic scripts received researcher attention after a long time of focus on East Asian and Western whereas this script is used by 1/4th of the world population by many languages in several countries. Arabic script is more complex as compared to Latin script. One of such difficulty with Arabic script is multiple writing styles. Naskh and(More)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an important task with the rapid growth of the digital computers, online information services, PDAs and for conversion of text documents into digital text. This task enhances preservation of records and makes the access to documents easier. So, Baseline detection is an important step in the OCR because it directly(More)
The automatic detection of bilateral symmetry is a challenging task in computer vision and pattern recognition. This paper presents an approach for the detection of bilateral symmetry in digital single object images. Our method relies on the extraction of Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) based feature points, which serves as the basis for the(More)
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