Habib Adrang

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SUMMARY In this paper, closed-form analytical equations for the time-domain amplitude of the MOS cross-coupled oscillators are derived. The procedure of the paper is based on estimating an accurate equation for describing the behavior of the cross-coupled MOS configurations and finding a reasonable solution for the nonlinear differential equation governing(More)
This paper presents the analysis and simulation of second-order charge pump phase-locked loop by applying the phase step at the entrance and calculates the fast lock and transient time and the effects of loop parameters such as capacitor, resistor, loo filter current, control voltage oscillator at the at the fast lock investigated and plotted in the diagram(More)
This paper presents a novel approach and provides equations for analysis and design of third-order charge pump PLL to desired specifications such as phase margin, damping ratio and given small signal settling time. This method is based on dominate pole approximation. Actually, the results obtained for second-order PLL can be used as approximation in the(More)
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