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Methods are described for the extraction and analysis of hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidants, using modifications of the oxygen radical absorbing capacity (ORAC(FL)) procedure. These methods provide, for the first time, the ability to obtain a measure of "total antioxidant capacity" in the protein free plasma, using the same peroxyl radical generator(More)
Drawing on the organizational learning literature, we posited that both general, diverse-partner experience and partner-specific experience contribute to alliance performance, but at a declining rate. We tested hypotheses in unique data on the objective performance of projects between large pharmaceutical firms and biotechnology partners. The general(More)
Although one tenet in the alliance literature is that firms learn from prior experience, we posit that any potential learning effects depend on the type of experience. In particular, we hypothesize that alliance exploitation experience has positive effects on R&D project performance, while alliance exploration experience has negative effects. We further(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding the needs of rural women in maternity care and service models available to them is significant for the development of effective policies and the sustainability of rural communities. Nevertheless, no systematic review of studies addressing these needs has been conducted. OBJECTIVES To synthesise the best available evidence on the(More)
  • N. S. Tran, Thi Ha Lien Nghiem, +13 authors Quang Hoa Do
  • 2010
Bovine serum albumin (BSA) was used as a stabilizing agent and biofunctionalized layer for water-dispersed gold nanoparticles (NPs) synthesized from metal precursor HAuCl4. The BSA binding to gold NPs was characterized qualitatively and quantitatively by transmission electron microscopy, UV-VIS and FTIR spectrophotometers. HER2 (human epidermal growth(More)
OBJECTIVES This study investigates: (i) Tasmanian rural women's preferences for different models of intrapartum care; (ii) their preferences for travel time to safe delivery; and (iii) factors which influence these preferences. DESIGN Mixed-methods study using a survey questionnaire and semistructured interviews was adopted. A questionnaire explored(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the study was to investigate the types of workplace health and safety issues rural community nurses encounter and the impact these issues have on providing care to rural consumers. METHODS The study undertook a narrative inquiry underpinned by a phenomenological approach. Community nursing staff who worked exclusively in rural(More)
OBJECTIVES Home birth has attracted great controversy in the current context. There is a need for the public and health professionals to understand why maternity care providers have such different views on home birth, why they debate, what divides them into two opposite sides and if they have anything in common. METHOD A qualitative study involving twenty(More)