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The trematode Skrjabinolecithum spasskii was described by Belous from a redlip mullet, Mugil soiuy (= Liza haematocheila), that was caught in the Razdolnaya (Suifun) River (in the southern Far East(More)
For first time, 3 species of prosobranchial snails (Bithynia fuchsiana, Parafossarulus striatulus (Bithyniidae) and Melanoides tuberculata (Thiaridae)) from North Vietnam were studied for presence of(More)
Adult Lecithaster mugilis Yamaguti, 1970 were found in Moolgarda seheli, Valamugil engeli and Liza subviridis in the coastal waters of Cat Ba Island (Halong Bay, Vietnam). Specimens of Lecithaster(More)
Adults of Skrjabinolecithum spinosum n. sp. were discovered in Mugil cephalus from the Gulf of Peter the Great in southern Far-East Russia. Additionally, adults of Unisaccus tonkini n. sp. were found(More)
Adults of Lasiotocus lizae Liu, 2002 (Monorchiidae) were found in the mullet Liza longimanus (Günther) from Tonkin Bay, near Cat Ba Island, Vietnam. In this region, flukes belonging to the genus(More)
Males of Cathayacanthus spinitruncatus Amin, Heckmann & Ha, 2014 (Rhadinorhynchinae Lühe, 1912) are described for the first time from Leiognathus equulus in Hai Phong and Nha Trang and from pony fish(More)