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Increased bandwidth, cheaper and faster hardware, dedicated technology and the success of e-commerce make VR-shops feasible. VR-shops are similar to the e-shops currently available on the Web, with the difference that the products are visualized as 3D objects in a virtual world. Although VR-shops do not require sophisticated VR technology, they should be(More)
Nowadays, 3D Virtual Environments (VEs) are being used over the web for various purposes such as education, collaborative working or social networking. Unfortunately, the development process of such environments remains a demanding task, often accessible only to VE experts despite the availability of a number of Virtual Reality (VR) authoring tools. On the(More)
Fourteen pregnant women between 37 and 41 weeks' gestational age, who subsequently were delivered of healthy newborn infants, were studied to examine the effects of spontaneous changes in fetal heart rate on the flow-velocity waveforms in the umbilical artery. The women were in active labor and under epidural anesthesia at the time Doppler measurements were(More)
—These Nowadays more Virtual Environment (VEs) are becoming available on the web. This means that VE are becoming more accessible to a larger and more diverse audience. It also means that the interpretation of VEs and their virtual objects (i.e. how to interact with the virtual environment and the meanings of the associated virtual objects) are more likely(More)
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