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The effect of tooth-bound fluoride (F) on enamel caries formation was investigated under the condition that loosely bound F was essentially absent. Eighteen thin enamel sections, prepared from the lingual or buccal surfaces of extracted human molars, were embedded in acrylic resin with the enamel surfaces exposed. The sections were placed in a pH 7(More)
The Aspergillus genus of fungi is known to be one of the most prevalent aeroallergens. On two-dimensional immunoblotting using patients' sera containing IgE specific for Asp f 13, an allergen with a molecular mass of 33 kDa and a pI of 6.2 was identified. This allergen was also present in A. fumigatus culture filtrates. Furthermore, the sequence of the Asp(More)
The effect of calcium (Ca) concentrations and added ethanol on fluoride (F) depositions by experimental two-component rinses, each consisting of a Ca-containing and an F-containing component, was evaluated in an in vitro system. Among the tested rinses, a 3 mmol/l F two-component rinse with 200 mmol/l Ca and 10% v/v ethanol was found to produce the greatest(More)
In this paper, a hybrid dimming inverter for T5 fluorescent lamp is analyzable and designed. By using the digital and analog hybrid dimming, the current stress of switches is reduced, and the dimming range can be extended. A high-frequency inverter with DC 400V voltage source to drive a single T5 28W fluorescent lamp is implemented. The preheating,(More)
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