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Estrogen receptor (ER), a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily, exerts prominent physiological roles in both humans and other species by acting directly as a transcription factor, altering nuclear gene expression. One peculiarity of estrogenic regulation is that it is affected by a wide variety of non-steroidal compounds in addition to the natural(More)
Treatment of 9-fluorenyllithium with acetyl chloride produces 9-acetylfluorene, (I), and several by-products, among which is "diacetylfluorene", now characterized definitively as 9-(1-acetoxyethylidene)fluorene [IUPAC name: (1-fluoren-9-ylidene)ethyl acetate], (II), C(17)H(14)O(2), derived from acetylation of initially formed (I). Various parameters(More)
Treatment of 9-lithiated fluorene with pivaloyl chloride provided ap-9-pivaloylfluorene, (1), the major product, and a minor product ultimately identified as the title compound, C(23)H(26)O(2), (2). The latter was also formed directly, but slowly, from 9-lithiated-(1) treated with pivaloyl chloride. Although (1) exists exclusively as its less sterically(More)
The preparation of sp-9-acetylfluorene from the reaction of 9-fluorenyllithium with acetyl chloride also provided 9-(1-acetoxyethylidene)fluorene ('diacetylfluorene') and 1,1-di(9-fluorenyl)ethanol, (II), as by-products recently characterized by X-ray analysis. A third by-product, 1,1-di(9-fluorenyl)ethyl acetate, (III), C(30)H(24)O(2), has now been(More)
Treatment of 9-fluorenyllithium with acetyl chloride produces 9-acetylfluorene, (I), and several by-products. Among them is a compound unequivocally identified for the first time as the addition product of (I) with 9-fluorenyllithium, 1,1-di(9-fluorenyl)ethanol, C(28)H(22)O, (II). The two fluorene-ring planes of (II) are essentially perpendicular [89.90 (9)(More)
INTRODUCTORY AND METHODOLOGICAL REMARKS It was years ago when I first bought my Bulaq edition of Arabic dream texts authored by the three canonical interpreters: Ibn S|r|n, Ibn Sha≠ h|n, and al-Na≠ bulus|. In the eighties it was a favorite pastime among some Cairene intellectuals to read such popular classics, a way to converse with and learn more about the(More)
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