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We have shown that in some cases fully developed florid verruga peruana nodules, as well as late-resolving, deeply situated lesions, can histologically suggest a variety of tumors to experienced pathologists. The compact proliferation of endothelial cells characteristic of florid verruga lesions can give rise to two pseudoneoplastic histologic patterns. One(More)
A 'double-blind', randomized, placebo controlled study of an oral inactivated whole cell plus recombinant B subunit (WC/rBS) cholera vaccine was conducted during February-March 1992 in Peru in 346 military recruits, 307 (89%) of whom received 2 oral doses of vaccine or Escherichia coli K12 placebo, 2 weeks apart. Paired serum samples were obtained from 155(More)
Two immunohistochemical techniques to determine the presence of yellow fever and dengue antigens in fixed tissue samples were developed for the purpose of making retrospective diagnoses of these viral diseases in humans. A horseradish peroxidase label was used for one technique and an alkaline phosphatase label for the other. In the former technique, acid(More)
This study derives from the observation that a correlation exists between failed first attempts (FFA) at embryo transfer caused by one or more embryos remaining in the catheter and reduced pregnancy rates (20.3 vs 3.0%). The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between failed first attempts at transfer and contamination of the transfer set; the(More)
The effect of chronic ethanol consumption on the catalytic activity of protein kinase C isolated from rat brain was studied in two different ways. Enzyme activity was first measured by phosphorylation of Histone IIIS in vitro. There was no change in the activity of the cytosolic enzyme. Membrane-associated enzyme activity was reduced in the ethanol-treated(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the ability of lactoferrin in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) synovial fluid to bind "free" iron, and to study the regulatory mechanisms therein that control iron homeostasis. METHODS "Free" iron was determined by the bleomycin assay and lactoferrin concentrations by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. The activities of iron regulatory(More)