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Isolation and identification of some potent anti-tumor compounds from medicinal plants has motivated researchers to screen different parts of plant species for the determination of anti-tumor effects. In this study, cytotoxic effects and IC(50) of specific concentrations of hydro-alcoholic extracts of fruits of Juniperus sabina and leaves of Zataria(More)
It is a generally accepted principle of biology that a protein's primary sequence is the main determinant of its tertiary structure. However, the mechanism by which a protein proceeds from an unfolded, disordered state to a folded, relatively well-ordered, native conformation is obscure. Studies have been initiated to examine the "genetics" of protein(More)
Genetic and phylogenetic information on the HIV-1 epidemic in Middle-East Countries, and in particular in Iran, are extremely limited. By March 2004, the Iranian Ministry of Health officially reported a cumulative number of 6'532 HIV positive individuals and 214 AIDS cases in the Iranian HIV-1 epidemic. The intra-venous drug users (IDUs) represent the group(More)
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